WhatsApp Connection
In this article we'll see how easy it is to connect to WhatsApp in our app and start sending messages through WhatsApp in just a minute
After installing the app, you'll get to Dashboard where you see your WhatsApp status below
Press "Send Request" button
Approve charges, you won't be charged now, don't worry
Ok, now your account is ready. Send Request
That's it!
Now just scan QR code with your mobile phone, from which you are going to send your messages and campaigns.
You can cancel request if you suddenly refuse using WA
WhatsApp in action
Now you are ready to launch automations via WhatsApp
Let's see what we've got:
Enter 'Automation' section in our app. Let's start with Abandoned Cart recovery, for example.
Set name, time delay for your Abandoned Cart Automation.
Then check mark WhatsApp, instead of SMS.
Edit text and click SAVE!
Make sure the rule is activated
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