How to Create and Activate SMS and WhatsApp Automations

If you want to connect with your customers, achieve your marketing goals and drive sales through custom text messages sent on your own schedule, you'll be interested in our Automation Rules.
1. Types of SMS Automations

You can see a list of Automation Rules that you can edit, activate and personalize. You can also create a new automation of your own with the name you like.

According to your specific goal there are different kinds of Automations.

Abandoned Cart Recovery: This automation is triggered when a customer abandons their cart. You can send a text message to remind them of their abandoned checkouts with a delay you want. (Minutes/Hours/Days)

Product Upsell: Use targeted product recommendations to your customers after they purchase.

Customer Winback: Reactivate Customers who have not bought anything more than X days

Order Created: Automated Order Created Messages and our Short Codes will help you to thank your customers for the purchase.

Shipping Confirmation: Inform your customers about the Shipping Details.
Automations is the second panel in our app
2. Create a New Automation

To start click the Create new button.

Give your new SMS and WhatsApp automation rule a name and select Automation type for the automation you want to create.
3. Configure the details
Choose the desirable time of delay and, of course, the source of messages - SMS or WhatsApp
Our app is a multi-language one, choose yours! And our Short Codes will help you in that.
4.Click SAVE BUTTON and then make sure you have activated
your Automation Rule
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